Oct 14, 2011

Due Dates

When it comes to life, I'm a planner.  I have never liked to procrastinate.  In fact, there are times when I spend probably more time than necessary planning something just to make sure when it is time to carry it out, I'm ready. 

So my current WIP was a practice in NaNoWriMo (no, I didn't win...or did I?  Great idea developed, maybe I did) but it was at the time when I was also writing my Master's thesis so it really didn't get full dedication.  Then I moved, had two foot surgeries and this thing called life and I didn't get back to it.

Then I had this professor ask if I wanted to join a writer's critique group with another professor, and then we just added yet another professor, the younger sister of a New York Times best selling author, and I find myself giving myself due dates all over the place, trying to make my bi-weekly contribution for the group to critique not suck. 

Remember baby steps?  Good will come later, but first it needs to not suck.

But I thrive this way.  I know there are many authors who give themselves word limits.  I know one who lines up cinnamon bears on the keyboard and rewards herself for each little amount accomplished. 

Due dates equal productivity. 

However, I never seem to get around to assigning those due dates to my laundry. 

What is your strategy to maintain productivity?


Liesl Shurtliff said...

I do not give myself goals in terms of daily word count. I find that to be unproductive since I would so often just write a bunch of crap to make my word count but then have to go back and rewrite it later anyway.

I do, however, usually give myself broader deadlines, like finish a first draft by a certain date, and a revision by another. I dedicate certain times during the day to my writing and I can usually meet those goals, it's just that some days I can write 5000 words and other days it's on 10. It ebbs and flows.

Brenda Sills said...

Hi Tasha! I'm so glad you found me on my blog! It was so great to meet you at the UVU conference! When it was over, I left feeling a little melancholy since the next conference I'm going to isn't until February. I LOVE writer's conferences! I thrive on meeting new writer friends, hanging out with old ones, and learning great things in the classes. It'll be great to see you again at another conference sometime!

When I wrote my first book, I didn't have a daily goal, so it took me four years to finish it. Now that I'm writing my second book, I made a goal to write a certain amount each day and I'm amazed at how much quicker I've written this book. I really close to finishing the first draft. Wahoo!