Oct 27, 2011

I am a writer

This week I am also participating in the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest.  I like the idea behind it and the fact that it gives me a chance to further connect with writers.

It's a scary thing, calling myself a writer.

First, a little background.  I never really thought about writing stories growing up, but I composed situations with characters in my head ALL THE TIME.  I still totally have conversations that characters I've created would have.  Out loud.  Like me talking.  To myself.

I got hired to teach English and Creative Writing five years ago.  I freaked, having NEVER taken a creative writing class in my undergrad.  I didn't know what to do, where to start, how to help these kids.  I considered myself a pretty adequate analytical writer, but the creativity was a challenge.

Soon, however I figured out that I loved the Creative Writing class, and it dawned on me to write my stories down.

Within the last few years, I've been chasing this dream, but couldn't refer to myself as a writer.  Not really sure why.  But then I attended conferences and increasingly realized this was a passion, a dream, something I needed to chase.

Now I call myself a writer.  Many people who I share this with smile and nod, wondering when a book is coming out, etc.  I bet there are five people I know outside of blogland who would also include writer in a description of me.  But I still do.

Then I saw this quote about runners and when someone can refer to themselves as a runner and thought it was perfect for us writers.

If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run. - John Bingham
I call myself a writer.  I dream about characters, plots, settings.  I squish writing in to any precious time I have, trying to improve, flesh out my craft, develop characters I love.

People who have a dream will get it, people who don't won't.  But I no longer feel the necessity to validate myself.  Or justify it to anyone.

I am a writer.


Juliana L. Brandt said...

What a great quote and so applicable to our journey as writers. Great post!

Lola Sharp said...

If you write regularly and with a passion, YOU ARE A WRITER. :)

Love the quote.

I'm your newest friend and follower. :) *waves hello* Nice to meet you. :)


Deana said...

What a perfect quote for us writers!

Nisa said...

That's exactly how I feel. I've had a hard time calling myself a writer as well, but I love that quote. I love writing out my stories and lyrics for songs. I need to own it. I am a writer.

And I had no idea you had a writing blog, either. So glad you found mine so I could find yours!

Cortney said...

Hooray, I love your quote! What a great thought! I'm trying to follow you, but for some reason can't get link to come up. I'll try again later.

Anonymous said...

You are a professional writer the second you begin acting like one~ says my agent.

Believe him. Take pride in yourself and your dreams.

Live big and anything is possible.

Congrats on saying it loud and clear and best luck on your journey.


Sarah Pearson said...

Wonderful words, and a great reminder :-)

Kate Larkindale said...

Writing is one of the few things you can do every day without having to go anywhere, pay anything or interact with another person. It's a privilege I'd not be without...

L.A Speedwing said...

Your speech inspired me a poem:
You stand tall
and yet with all of us
next to you
watching you
being proud of
your own master
Your dream come true
a writer in body and mind.
It isn't easy
But it's a fabulous journey.
Welcome to your own world
Welcome to our world.

Brianna said...

So true and so cool!
Running and writing have many things in common.
This is a post of affirmation that I can read every day!

Kim Van Sickler said...

Hi Tasha,

I'm visiting you from the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest. Love your journey on how you came to finally consider yourself a writer (and how you like to do lots of things to get out of doing laundry!)I also made the switch from analytical writing to creative. Much more fun!
Kim Van Sickler

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Hi Tasha - thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! I'm so glad you like it. Having read your warm fuzzies post I am following you back - I love your quote about running - it's exactly what I say about writing too. And how great that you get to teach creative writing. i think that would be awesome!

Melissa Kline said...

Hi Tasha! I love your Warm Fuzzy post. I can relate to so much of it. We ARE writers!!! :) Keep shining!


Coleen Patrick said...

I love that quote about runners. I'm going to save that one! Thanks for sharing Tasha and also for stopping by my site. Much appreciated :)

Emma said...

Hi Tasha, I found you via the Warm Fuzzies and enjoyed your post.

I like your analogy to running, I wrote an article once on a similar theme about folks who run marathons dressed as giant tomatoes... but that is another story.

Nice to meet you and look forward to your next WFBF posts.

Emma Calin