Nov 21, 2011

Embracing the Unexpected

Are any of you NFL fans?  I am. 

Who am I kidding - I'm totally addicted to the whole stinkin' season.  One of the reasons why is because the season is never expected; there are surprises every week, the teams who were supposed to dominate struggle and those who were supposed to be weak show their strengths.  It really reminds me of writing.

I'm still pretty new in the consistently writing thing, but one more than one occasion, I have had my characters tell me something I didn't expect.  They let me know that what I thought was supposed to happen maybe still will, but not the way I thought. 

I'm sure we have all read books where authors allowed themselves to tell the characters story and those who stuck to what they believed to be the master plan.  And I think most of us will agree that the ones where the story goes where it needs to are better - think Hunger Games (seriously was how the story needed to be), The Gemma Doyle Triology, etc. 

The thing is it is scary.  To just give yourself up and follow the story.  But I really think that it is necessary because, like the NFL, it keeps everything exciting.

Have you ever had a twist in what you were writing that you didn't expect?  How do you deal with this when it happens in your writing?

In case you were wondering NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt - again. Freakin' fourth year in a row.  I'm planning on pushing really hard this week to see if it is salvageable.  I think chocolate covered cinnamon bears are a necessity.


Peggy Eddleman said...

I love the NFL. Even on years (like this year) when my team.... Well, doesn't do so well.

I have had characters tell me things I didn't expect. Not things that change the whole outcome of things-- just things that change the way I get there. It's kinda cool, actually.

rosalyn said...

With a main character like Nora, I'm not surprised she's unruly sometimes!

Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I'm impressed with you just for trying. :)

J. A. Bennett said...

I've totally had that happen and I think my story always turns out better becasue of it!

E.R. King said...

I have done the unexpected, but I usually like the twist. If it doesn't work, I toss it out... after I pat myself on the back for being caught off guard. You gotta praise the little things. : )

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Honestly, I wish I'd get more twists. I'm too linear of a thinker, and my plots tend to be too predictable. I NEED some surprises!!! :)

Sarah Pearson said...

Being English the NFL means nothing to me, but the English Premier League? Oh yes!

Coleen Patrick said...

Yes about the twist in my writing. Like this week my husband asked how my NaNo writing was going and I all of a sudden said, I think someone is going to die. It completely surprised me because I didn't realize that i was going there--obviously my brain was one step ahead. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

I am a huge NFL football fan and avid watcher. I am also really into to NCAA, how could I not be? I live in Louisiana and L.S.U is number one. My husband prefers college games, but I love the N.F.L. I come from a long line of gamblers and we love to wager on football. Thanksgiving at our house is one big bet, the Turkey comes in second.

Happy Thanksgiving.