Nov 25, 2011

How Dedicated Are You?

Last night I stood in line for two hours to get some Wii games at significantly discounted prices. 

Chaos broke out briefly when a lady tried to jump on the nearby Kinect consoles to avoid standing in line.  I'm pretty sure fists were thrown.  My husband picked a Walmart associate up off the floor.

Yea - chaos.

But after I got home and in my sweats, I got thinking about what some people would do for something they really want.  People were pushing others out of the way for $10 and $15 video games.

Which brings me to my question - what are you willing to do for your writing?  What are you willing to do for the success that you dream of in your future?  I'm not recommending punching people in the face, but do you have that much enthusiasm to make your writing everything you know it can be?


Emma said...

This is a very stimulating piece. I am capable of punching folk who interrupt me when I'm in deep genius creative full purple flow. Luckily I'm too lazy to reach this dangerous peak too often. I go to Walmart and spend time looking for the best broccoli when really I should be setting aside such trivia and writing. The incident you describe is only too redolent of human behaviour. If ever our society gets challenged for food all those sweet neighbours might not be all they seem. Enjoyed your post. Thanks.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

No price is low enough for me to put myself in that situation. I would be frightened to even be in the store with people behaving that way. (As of 2pm EST today, I've seen reports of pepper spraying, shooting, fist fights, and riots -- all at WALMART.)

When you think about people behaving this way just to score a low-priced electronics item, imagine the anarchy that would result from a real emergency?

How did our country get to this point?

J. A. Bennett said...

I agree with Dianne about Black Friday, not worth it. But writing is :)

Lydia Kang said...

Black Friday gives me the chills. I make a lot of sacrifices for writing, but none of them include knocking people down!