Nov 9, 2011

Warm Fuzzies - The problem with being dead

This week, for the Warm Fuzzies blogfest, we need to look at the trouble we get our MC into - kick them while they’re down, all without revealing too many secrets about your WIP.

My MC is dead.

Not a spoiler, she dies in the first sentence.

I know, right?  C-R-U-E-L.

Some people have problems killing their characters and I just jump in and kill her before you even get to meet her.

Then, the standard procedures of the afterlife get all messed up.  And she has to talk to a shrink who can't even remember her name, all the while being really upset about being dead.  So, she starts sneaking around and lying, in heaven, to try and figure out a way to do some probably rule breaking things that she thinks will ultimately improve her situation.

Now the fun part - your assignment.  What would you title this book?  The best title can win a handmade journal.

Let the onslaught of titles begin!

I think I'm at 15 points - third blog post, right?  English teacher on purpose...


Cassie Mae said...

Title: Therapy in Heaven? Better Just Send Me to Hell.

I have the hardest time killing off characters. Yikes! But I guess when you write an afterlife story, they kinda have to be dead. What an intriguing concept!

E.R. King said...

How about: "In the Blink of an Eye"?

I dunno, that's the best I can come up with. I'll come back to read everyone else's more inspired titles later. : )

Miranda Hardy said...

Death Therapy

Surviving Death

I love picking out titles, although not my own. Lol

Jenny S. Morris said...

I like Miranda's-Death Therapy.

Lillie McFerrin said...

It's not Easy Being Dead.

This sounds like an interesting book!!!

J. A. Bennett said...

I like the sound of your book! Totally fun :)

Cortney said...

This Is Why Nobody Tells You What Happens After You Die.

Lol, I love your premise! Sounds awesome!

Candy Fite said...

Death is Not the End


Why Me?

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I don't know if you can possibly do better than Miranda's


See? Doesn't it look cool in all caps?

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this. I always wanted to write a book about mischief in purgatory and never did. Maybe you'll inspire me!

Therapy ever after
Therapy is heaven

Elizabeth said...

Hello, Fellow Teacher.

Stopping by to look around.



Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Wow! Your book sounds fantastic! I totally want to read it :)

Title... hmm...

The Three Rules You Shouldn't Break In Heaven

Damned If You Do

You Can't Lie To God

Just An Ordinary Day.... NOT!

Rachel Frost said...

Title: Afterlife

I know that's a simple one, but it's usually simple titles that interest me most, make me want to look at more than just the spine/front cover that's displayed.

Kim Van Sickler said...

I think with a premise such as yours you need a title that doesn't pull any punches: Death Sucks.

Patricia Lynne said...

Ooooh! Your MC is breaking rules in heaven. Naughty!
Title: Dead's Not All It's Cracked up to Be

Juliana L. Brandt said...

I think you've found yourself a slew of people who want to read your WIP- including me!

My attempt: Standard Procedures Don't Work After Death

Coleen Patrick said...

101 Things To Do After Your Dead

Abby Fowers said...

Oh my gosh. This sounds too cool. I like a lot of the ones already mentioned, but I want to play too! Hmmmm....

It's Hell in Heaven

Naughty Little Angel
or Sneaky Little Angel

Heaven Help Me!

It Aint All it's Cracked Up to Be

Having a Hell of a Time...
(this would be funny with an angel in heaven on the cover. - lol)

Okay - I should stop. I'm on a roll. hahaha

Jessica Therrien said...

WOW....dead. Genius opening sentence!