Apr 18, 2012

A to Z - Priorities

One of the trickiest things I've faced time and again since really embarking on the writing/platform building/friend making/do the things that make me happy again part of my life is prioritizing.  I work full time (teacher) and have three kids.  Time and again I find myself questioning if what I'm doing is what I need to be doing.

A few years ago, a religious leader in my faith talked about good, better, best and our decisions.  Let's face it, lots of us can make the decision between what is good and bad when it comes to dividing up our time - watch Scrubs reruns that I can probably quote with voice fluctuations or revise a chapter - revision wins.

Spend time learning about agents, revise the chapter, write the blog post, visit some new blogs, jump over for a chat on a topic I want to learn more about....um...can I phone a friend?

Now, the land of writing probably doesn't lend itself to delegating like shown in this diagram, but I really like the idea.  While it may be really good for me to research some agents, it's not going to do me much good if I don't have a manuscript finished to share.  And I normally write my blog posts to appear MWF, which I can often do watching Scrubs if all the other things that are more important are done.

For dreams to be met, they have to continually climb our priorities list.  Sure, one time of making the best decision is a small moral victory over the procrastination dragon, but it's merely a flesh wound - not a defeat.  It is going to require daily and persistent effort to conquer that immortal jerk, but I know it is a task we can accomplish.

What do you do to keep your priorities in line?   


welcome to my world of poetry said...

First and foremost my main priotity is my family. My writing comes a close second.
I also love to travel but one has to keep their priorities into persperctive and stick to it.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Well for starters I don't spend much time on Twitter and FB. I know I should spend more time on it (I spend a lot more time blogging, that's for sure), but I'm so busy with my edits. That's my #1 priority. So I go unplugged to keep me from playing online. It's working. Now I don't keep checking my inbox. Plus I have a schedule for when I do specific activities. That helps a lot.

Lynn Proctor said...

i pray about them and try to follow through--great post and subject

J. A. Bennett said...

Some days I'm really terrible at priorities so I have reward myself for making good choices (i.e. I can watch something when I've written 1,000 words) if I don't do that nothing will get done!

Creepy Query Girl said...

This might sound bad but i'm a bit of a 'dropper'. For example, if I'm in the grocery store and I thought I only needed one thing. But then I realize I need this or that and the other and end up with an arm full of groceries, searching frantically for a basket - I've been known, rather to try and determine what to drop first, I just kind of let it all fall down as it may. (this has made a lot of bystanders giggle) but in life, when I realize I haven't got my priorities striaght, I drop the little stuff- no questions or doubts. And when I have time, I pick it back up and organize it as a should.

Siv Maria said...

Traveling through the A-Z challenge and stopping here to say hi :)Happy alphabet! My family is always my first priority =)

ali cross said...

I LOVED that talk and I love how you've related it to writing. My priorities slip out of wack on a regular basis. So once a month or so I make a list of all my "roles" (mom/wife/writer/friend, etc) and what needs to be done for those roles. Usually once I write it out I can see where I've been spending too much time on the "writer" or whatever. Or, even within those roles, places where I've not been managing the priorities well, like in your example. Works for me!

Great post Tasha!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I understand that not all things can happen now. Patience is required.

Nicole said...

I struggle with this too. It's always tough to figure out how to cram in everything I hope to do.