Jul 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin

First, the writer games.  It is time for WRiTE CLUB 2012 which I'm a little more than excited about.  If you don't know what it is, I'll let DL explain in his own words.
The essence embodies simplicity, good-natured competition, and a lot of fun.  Over the course of twelve weeks we’ll be holding weekly bouts to determine winners that will advance to the play-offs, which will ultimately lead to a single champion.  Bouts between who…or what…you ask.  Anonymous 500 word writing samples, submitted by anyone who wishes to take part, that’s who.   The submitted samples should be identified only by a pen name of your choosing (be creative) that nobody has ever seen before.  The writing can be any genre, any style (even poetry) with the word count being the only restriction.  It’s a way to get your writing in front of a lot of readers, without having to suffer the agony of exposure.  We’ll start accepting these submissions today and will continue to take them during the entire twelve week preliminaries, but beginning on July 30th, the first WRiTE will be held
If yo haven't signed up already, there is still time. Jump over here and get in the game.

Second, I have been working my tail off and writing like crazy, which is exhausting.  I don't know how you people who crank out 2k+ daily do it, really.

Third, I am now done with formal physical therapy on the ankle.  The gym and I have a standing date at 5:00 am again starting Monday and I can't wait.

Finally, the Olympics Opening Ceremony is TONIGHT!!! I'm an Olympic junky.  We have already started watching soccer around these parts (Women's USA game was epic I tell you!).  I'm going to channel that competitive spirit to motivate me physically and mentally and get done what I wanted to get done before school starts. 

Are you an Olympic junky?  What can you get done in the next 2 1/2 weeks? 


Anonymous said...

Do I have time to do this WRiTE thing? Probably not. Hmm...nervous anxiety.

Yes, Olympics junkie. Hardcore.

What can I get done in 2.5 weeks? Starting today? Nothing except being at the beach for 10 of them.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you are done with therapy!
I can't write that much every night. Weekends, maybe.
And ready for the Olympics!

Kyra Lennon said...

So excited for Write Club!

I am actually nervous about the Olympics opening ceremony tonight! I don't want my country to embarrass itself with an awful opening ceremony when all the others have been so spectacular LOL!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I'm a total Olympic junky. Seriously. I LOVE IT!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I enjoy watching the competitions but I can frustrated with all the other 'stuff' the TV sticks in there.
I'm aiming for no less than 3K per day for the next couple of weeks. Good luck with the 5 am workout. I like sleeping in. During the summer I start my workout after 8 am.

Miranda Hardy said...

The WRiTE CLUB should be awesome. Have fun this weekend.

Amanda Socci said...

Hi Tasha: Thanks for filling us in on this neat contest. Just signed up!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I love the Olympics and being in the UK this time is very exciting.
It's good to see all nations hand in hand for a change.


Donna Yates said...

Tasha, I love your blog. What a fun variety of topics. Thanks for mentioning the writing contest.