May 22, 2013

Women's Fiction Spotlight: The Probable Future

Blurb from Goodreads: Women of the Sparrow family have unusual gifts. Elinor can detect falsehood. Her daughter, Jenny, can see people's dreams when they sleep. Granddaughter Stella has a mental window to the future - a future that she might not want to see.

In Alice Hoffman's latest tour de force, this vivid and intriguing cast of characters confronts a haunting past - and a very current murder - against the evocative backdrop of small-town New England. By turns chilling and enchanting, The Probable Future chronicles the Sparrows' legacy as young Stella struggles to cope with her disturbing clairvoyance. Her potential to ruin or redeem becomes unbearable when one of her premonitions puts her father in jail, wrongly accused of homicide. Yet this ordeal also leads Stella to the grandmother she was forbidden to meet, and to an historic family home full of talismans from her ancestors.

I really enjoyed this book though it wasn't quite what I expected. It did have Hoffman's natural ability to weave together many story lines, each important, but I never felt lost and felt something for all the characters. It both had more magic and less than I thought it would, but the ultimate thing that matters is that more and more, I find myself enjoying Hoffman's writing.