Jan 15, 2014

Women's Fiction Wednesday - Dancing on Broken Glass

There were a few books that I read at the beginning of last year that have stayed with me. For a full year. These are the books that I recommend to people, tell everyone I see they have to read it. Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock is one of those books.

Synopsis from Goodreads:An unvarnished portrait of a marriage that is both ordinary and extraordinary, Dancing on Broken Glass takes readers on an unforgettable journey of the heart. 

Lucy Houston and Mickey Chandler probably shouldn’t have fallen in love, let alone gotten married. They’re both plagued with faulty genes—he has bipolar disorder; she, a ravaging family history of breast cancer. But when their paths cross on the night of Lucy’s twenty-first birthday, sparks fly, and there’s no denying their chemistry. 

Cautious every step of the way, they are determined to make their relationship work—and they put their commitment in writing. Mickey will take his medication. Lucy won’t blame him for what is beyond his control. He promises honesty. She promises patience. Like any marriage, there are good days and bad days—and some very bad days. In dealing with their unique challenges, they make the heartbreaking decision not to have children. But when Lucy shows up for a routine physical just shy of their eleventh anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything. Everything. Suddenly, all their rules are thrown out the window, and the two of them must redefine what love really is.

This book. I thought I knew what it would be. I thought I knew the plot and the story and everything. And it was so much more than I could have ever anticipated. Hancock explores the reality of living with someone who has bipolar disorder, and not just a little. And she explores what it is like to love someone even when they aren't lovable. I loved these characters - even the small ones - so deeply that I wanted to sit in their living rooms, listen to their conversations, just be with them. This is a must read for anyone who has ever felt less than lovable, who has ever wanted to give up on love.

Pretty much for everyone.

And I will buy everything that Hancock writes, on the day it is released. She is a masterful story teller, a writer who more people need to know.


Donna K. Weaver said...

I've heard about this one. I can't remember if it won or not, but it was a Whitney Award finalist last year.

Nicole said...

I hadn't heard of this one, but that is quite the review!