Jan 26, 2015

My Dream for You

Several months ago, I read a post from the incredible Brain Pickings digest that stuck with me. It was a look at some rare illustrations by Maurice Sendak, in a book that is now out of print. I scanned through the drawings amazed at the simple yet profound artwork when one stood out to me.

One of the things that is interesting about the writing world, as well as others, is that in a effort to chase our own dreams is often ENHANCED when we help others chase their own. Sure, it might take energy that we didn't want to expend, and it is VERY easy to get caught up in celebrating others, feeling like their accomplishments and joy are our own.

However, the alternative is just as bad. Writing is a very solitary thing, during the crafting process. But so is music and art, dance and architecture. For success, everything after the initial crafting must be shared.

Today, the last Monday of January, many resolutions have dissipated, goals to "make this year the best" have been shoved aside by realities and frustrations can creep in.

Though I may not be able to do so in person, I want you to imagine that I am the little boy in this picture, coming up to you and giving you your dream. You have as much of a right to have one as I do, and I'd love to cheer, support and encourage as your dream manifests and rises. In return, all I ask is that you be that boy for someone else.

Can you imagine how incredible this world would be if each of us did what we could to help another grab hold of their dream?


JeffO said...

That is a lovely image, Tasha, thank you for sharing it.

And a dream for you, too!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

When we help others chase their own dreams - that is so true!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

A great concept. Right now I'm hoping the help my children reach their dreams.

prerna pickett said...

I love that idea. It would make the world a much happier and pleasant place to live.