Jul 22, 2015

Women's Fiction Spotlight: The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster

I was super excited to get a copy of this book, in part because I know Scott, know that he is an incredibly generous, kind-hearted, hilarious guy, and because the premise, the cover, and everything about this book sounded like something I'd love if it could be pulled off well. 

Blurb from Goodreads: Annabelle Aster doesn't bow to convention—not even that of space and time—which makes the 1890s Kansas wheat field that has appeared in her modern-day San Francisco garden easy to accept. Even more exciting is Elsbeth, the truculent schoolmarm who sends Annie letters through the mysterious brass mailbox perched on the picket fence that now divides their two worlds. In this unconventional and enchanting tale, Annie and her new neighbor must solve the mystery of what connects them before one of them is convicted of a murder that has yet to happen…and somehow already did.

This is a charming debut. Wilbanks is able to introduce a cast of characters in different time periods in an organic way, giving the reader a chance to get grounded with them, to a little bit fall in love with them, and then brings another on stage who is charming and unique in his/her own way. And then the fun begins, with snarky letters across the time periods, characters with heart-wrenching imperfections, each longing for a loved one to have a better life while trying to discover what that better life is for themselves. The plot twists and winds together, picking up the pace in a steady rhythm that will make you forget about your bed and want to see how everything comes together. And just when you aren't sure you can love what happens anymore, Wilbanks elevates the plot again, bringing everything to a fantastic climax.

I loved this book much MUCH more than I expected to, and I came into it with high hopes. I am smitten with the uniqueness of characters - truly. I will read Wilbanks again.

***I received an advanced copy courtesy of NetGalley for a free and honest review***