About Me

First things first - the name. If you want to say it all together, it is T + ashes + egg + miller. But don't worry - people call me Tausha ALL THE TIME and I still answer to it.

It took me entering pageants because I knew I could win one of the talents scholarships with my piano piece at the age of 18 to start the path of self-discovery. I won the whole thing and totally did the stereotypical hand to the mouth "Oh. My. Gosh." Between there and here I added confidence, determination, a serious case of sarcasm and a realization of the endless possibility of dreams.

I attended Southern Utah University for my degree in English with a minor in political science, though I'm not inclined to engage in political debates that often. I also hold a Master's from my beloved SUU in education. I'm currently a high school English teacher in the classroom where I took two English classes. I'm called mom by a cross country running, soccer playing boy, a musician (currently piano, viola and violin) & artist with the most beautiful long red hair, and a girly-girl cello-playing dancer.

I married the boy I met when I was seven (no, we weren't high school sweethearts) who encourages me to chase my crazy dreams with as much passion as I have for them. I love to read and do anything that I can use as an excuse to not do laundry.

I'm a member of the incredible Women's Fiction Writers Association where I volunteer as the managing editor for their quarterly e-zine.